Child Care: Ages 6 weeks–6 years


Childcare Providers/Classroom Aides:

Julia Beckwith
Tina Bradley
Leanda Chick
Morgan Doucet
Taryn DuBois
Virginia Gill
Dara Glennie
Sharon Gray
Brenda Harmon
Shannon Kurze
Megan LaFontaine
Taylor Larson
June Marston
Kathleen Nile
Charlie Scott
Erin Snow
Olivia Spaulding
Heather Tuttle
Joan Twombly

We offer a child care program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers with special emphasis on nurturing secure relationships and developing early friendships. We have an Infant Room, Little Tots Room, Toddler Room and Preschool age rooms. We pride ourself on having a high staff-to-child ratio in each child care room.

Our program includes daily activities that focus on all aspects of child development while providing an inclusive environment with professional support that allows children with typical development and children with special needs to play and learn together. Our goal is to offer children a "home away from home." The child care staff benefits from consultations with the educational and therapeutic teams who are familiar with the children and their families.

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